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More than a year ago

All about] Nokia Model List DCT1, DCT2, DCT3, DCT4, DCT4+, BB5 Nokia Old Generations DCT-1Nokia 1011 Nokia 1610 Nokia 1611 Nokia 1620 Nokia 1630 No...
Nokia DCT-1 Nokia 1011 Nokia 1610 Nokia 1611 Nokia 1620 Nokia 1630 Nokia 1631 Nokia 2010 Nokia 2040 Nokia 2110 Nokia 2110i Nokia 2114 Nokia 2140 Nokia 2148 Nokia 2148i Nokia 2...
Phone was water damage but when power on it vibrate then shows nokia then off then again vibrate and nokia again. How to fix it
Lost my nokia in Tweed heads More about : find lost nokia 6300
i lost my nokia e5 can i track it More about : nokia phone lost found
how call barring is done in nokia 3110 More about : call barring nokia 3110
what is my retricted code of my nokia phone 2760 More about : nokia phones retr...
i have nokia 2700 when power on sat vibrate and show nokia but no light . sol ...... plz..... any body .
Nokia 108 hang on nokia logo i try to full flash mobile after flash nomral working but in put battery on hang nokia logo urgent solution
Promotional wallpaper used by Nokia phone advertising such asNokia C1-01Nokia X2-01Both backgrounds are attachedEnjoy
Our Calculators cannot generate codes for these phone models. Only your Service Provider can give you a code. There is a charge for new phones. We can NOT unlock ...
Nokia - the next RIM? Heard that Nokia has an awesome quarter due to the success of the Lumia; however, traction is growing with the other hardware vendors. If y...
Nokia 6303c only Nokia logo then black display and only Nokia logo hang Software ok but not solve Then Hardware solution 100000% tested by me
nokia 7210 hang on nokia logo no back light remove camera 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000% tested solution.......
nokia 5130 water deep phonetotal pcb cleanedpresent phone only nokia log and offand no light in display & kepad share any solution?
is it possible to read "flash" from nokia 208 and to wriite it to other nokia 208 phones ? thanks .
When power on phone it displays nokia then power off,again it displays nokia then phone off until you power on again .i tried to flash with 7.37 but problem remain.
Nokia 5130 After power on show only Nokia logo than few second power off automatic 1000% tasted solutiontasted by many time by me
dear senior please help nokia 6500 slider phone power on show nokia and power off.... i have flashed with latest version but still no solution.... please help me f
Nokia 101 type 769 i full flash the phone same problem hang on Nokia logo blinking PLEASE NEEDED MY HLEP THIS PROBLEM
Req.)Nokia X apps. I was wondering if theres Any developer who can port Nokia X's Launcher,Here maps,Nokia music and other Nokia apps for rest of us. It would ...
Nokia Android Apps (Nokia X) does anyone has access to the Nokia RDA (remote Device Access?) If so can someone extract the apk's from a Nokia X and see if w...
nokia 2700 nokia logo hang on white screen flash latst version 9.98 but same condition any solution plz help
I am a big fan of Nokia devices. My first device was Nokia 3310. I am really happy that Nokia 3310 has relaunched. I am going to grab one. What do you guys think about Nokia 331...
which nokia phones support nokia pc suite,please i need help to this bacuase i want to purchase one as soon as possible
hello all ,my nokia C3 can t boot ,it start and show nokia logo and stop on it,i look for help,i charged the battery but still only logo,
hi to all i have nokia 101 its problem is i on the set its only blinking on nokia any brother have its solution plz post here advance thanks
nokia 6303c shows only nokia logo when power on without lights (screen lights is off) , i flashed it with newer verson but no responce ? any solution?
nokia c3-01 only nokia logo then goes off.. i flash with latest ver file .... here is self test log: what"s problem please help.
I have nokia 5130 after nokia white and off After remove camera handset work very well I replace camera but problem same Please help how to work camera
plz help me nokia c2-03 only nokia logo. i flash latest version but no luck. heat cpu not working. plz help me sir. thanksss
I am not sure if this is the right board to post this. Question One: Will Nokia 7210's Firmware Work With Nokia 6610?
For those who remember the McLaren and what was never meant to be. Now you will know what almost happened
Hi, I have Nokia 101 and Nokia 105. Both model from India. Can I use the charger of Nokia 101 to charge Nokia 105 and vice versa too ? Of course I don't to damage neithe...
Hello, does my Nokia phone have a speaker function More about : nokia phone s...
how to master reset os on nokia e63? help please! More about : master reset nok...
can nokia 6600 have 2GB memory card More about : nokia 6600 2gb memorycard
Can anybody tell me nokia 2700 classic very old model indeed but I need to upgrade which is not possible with nokia pc suit.
Hi I have nokia 105 which did charge no. My question is, whose model of nokia charging socket fit. Please help
Service manual for Nokia 301 : Nokia 301
hey therei have a lab and i want to know how to unlock nokia 2730c for use all the operators.. is every nokia unlock is the same way? do i need softwer to do it?
Can anyone help me to make a Nokia bootanimation? I like the animation of booting Nokia, the two hands. 720p would be great, thank you!
I received Nokia that will only blink with nokia logo on start and then turns off. Any solutions for this one? B.R.Dino
Hello members,,How are you all...How many of you have nokia windows phone...please share your experience with your phone and suggest me which is the best nokia windows phone..
NOKIA BSI Line post here... Please be kind enough to share...If we have one thread, we can find what we want from there...
My phone(Nokia X) could not be use but it could be started and it always shows "Launcher has stopped"....... what should I do?!!!
hey, there is a shortage in my nokia 1110i mobile and the battery has swollen. please help me to find out the shortage
Hello, my bluetooth device was not on. More about : bluetooth driver nokia
pls help me More about : wireless internet 6100 nokia
I am sending a sms but it is not responding More about : nokia message problem
My mobile cannot work --wants to program from start with all the necessary specifications for Nokia 610
Is there any reason to put my Nokia account on my new windows phone since Microsoft owns everything now?
nokia 5233 flash is ok set on some time then dishplay show system error adwance thanks
Does anyone have a Nokia 2520 they could kindly post a recovery image for? And direct me to one. Thanks.  
Please help me desimlock this phone: Nokia 1255Type: RH-79ESN: 03711234079Network: 60401000

More than a month ago

Hay, with which software can edit the version of Nokia C2 (rm 721)? Can not find it for editing ... tnx
Please provide review of nokia 8 if anybody using it recently. Whether it is a good for windows converters.

More than a year ago

Hi I need a RPL file for my Nokia 700, who have this service of can forward me to who have it? Thanks!
Downloading Nokia ZLauncher  now to my HTC One... Anyone else using it?
Is it possible for the Nokia 6700 to be unlocked? Its not yet possible by dm3 but i was wondering if its possible by other services.
Samsung, Nokia and I-Phone is the great company.......... So please tell me, which company is top poisons at 2016?
I have nokia C3 which goes off in the peocess of sending a call, but does not go off when receiving call. What could be responsible for this?
nokia 5530 only vibrate .with no lcd ..bord is fresh...flashed still same it hardware or soft
I have nokia 7210s set is on but after 2-3 minute set is off .I flash itbut problem is same any one have the solution.......please help me.
i have nokia 110 signal full but no call no sms any body help me what can i do i cant understand this problem
i have nokia 6303ci no networkwhen i searched from setting it shows no operator found. please help me.
nokia n900 blinking blue display which box to flash .............................& it is bb5 {or}........................
Is there anyway you can unlock mobilicity Nokia 5230.If You Know any place Can u Tell me where can i get it done...........
Bro i have nokia 2600 show not charging i have change charger, battery and charging connnector but no solution
is there a unlock tool for the nokia lumia 610 so that i can install XAP files and root etc.....?????
My Nokia 2730c runs very slow. It often hangs and restarts automatically. It is out of warranty. Please suggest a solution
regards, plsss help me how to solve nokia 5235 call fail .... when calling mobile restart ......
Nokia C1-01 All solution here. Nokia C1-01 Lcd ways. Nokia c1-01 Insert sim solution Nokia C1-01 local mode test mode solution. Nokia C1-01 bluetooth fm radi...
nokia 2115i after found the network, phone shutdown.... self tests: cdma_core and MFI no signal can smb help me?
We have a Nokia 520 in with no backlight, can someone pont us in the right direction regarding a repair..
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