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What is the best procedure for system backup without a laptop or computer before a factory restore on an Alcatel a30 Fierce running Android 7.0 nougat
Google Play Protect bears the dubious honor of being the only Android program evaluated by AV-Test that doesn’t routinely protect its users.Here's Why You Still Need Android...
My sister -in- law bought my nephew a really naff Susan m5 Chinese android phone at Christmas which basically imitates a Samsung. It's using lollipop with no options to upgrade....
I'm trying to move and install apps on my BLU Life One X2's Internal to my External. I've looked up guides online but none of them have the interface that BLU has. I put th...
For years I was a stalwart chrome fanboi. Chrome on everything. Desktop, tablet and mobile. Around 6 months ago I have Firefox a go and have found it to be my daily driver on ev...
Latest leak, it looks like Samsung will be releasing a new high spec tablet at MWC - possibly the Tab S4. The best news is that it will have a 10.5" 16:10 aspect ratio, which me...


Been tracking MWC and hoping to see a new Tab to replace Galaxy Tab S 10.5 which I love for the awesome screen and aspect ratio. The S3 with a 4:3 just didn't work for my needs ...
I am wondering what phone is the better choice out of those choices as those are the 2 phones my carier has offered me.
02/20/2018: webroot detected Trojan on cellphone: com.customermobile.preview.vwz.Pushing remove threat button does nothing.Appears likely to be false positive from verizon.  Wha...
I think I'm more excited for this phone than anything else coming out just because there's such little info abo...
Thx Sony for making this Perfect Phone!!!  
The last few weeks or so I'm not getting high speed data in places I've always got it before. Is this a problem with my phone and will factory reset help to fix this problem?
I have a galaxy s5 with no internal memory left. Ive tried using the adb method to fomat my sd card(samsung decided not to allow in settings) as internal storage. It worked well...
I recently got a new device so I let my cousin use my LGK7. After shattering my new phone TT I decided to back to my LG. My cousin told me something was wrong with it, I was ver...
When I start the phone mention on right top custom ordinary blocked frp lock and then phone off, again I restart my phone the same thing again
I need help, my vivo y53 cant read my 32GB memory card, but before.. it can.. When I placed this sd card in my cherry mobile, it can read the memory but It can't write because...
U.S. intelligence officials imply that Huawei, ZTE devices aren't safe for consumers, but don't explain why. So we asked some experts.Are Huawei, ZTE Phones Actually Unsafe?...
My Lg Fiesta LTE froze while I was playing a game and I've tried shutting it off, but the options to shut it off or restart it doesn't come up and I can't remove the battery, I ...
I buyed a new sd card 32gb and I transfer my files on it after that my videos and my other files like music and photos in my new sd card and i open them and it says cannot open ...
Samsung's Galaxy S9 might offer much longer battery life than you'd expect.Galaxy S9 Battery Life Could Be This Good : Read more
How to install android oreo os in a mobile which has still not received latest update or we can say in old mobile?
Sir ,My face book account which iam usingsince many years has been blocked plz help me to unblock my account .
i have samsung tab 2007. while I copy word files and excel files from PC to tab, they become read only. There are a lot of files to be copied to tab
I have been trying to listen to music I downloaded to the external SD card, the music is on the card but I can;t get it to play, also is there an APP I can download to accomplis...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro has been announced. Details here:     Has Snapdragon 636 so might be pr...
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