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15 days ago

Hi, I have an HTC 10 trying to pair with Plantronics BackBeat go earbuds. The really odd thing is I have been using these earbuds with this phone for a couple of years. This s...
I have been an HTC user for a long time. Currently I have the HTC 10. Was wondering if it is worth upgrading to the HTC 11? I really like my HTC 10.Thanks!Brian

16 days ago

Hi i need firmware for archos 50 core 4g.i already checked on the archos site and couldn't find anything.
Been wanting something to do a little work with in my lap, like typing which is hard to do with my surface pro 3 in my lap.Also probably some YouTube web, email.I'm kind...
Debating between a Samsung Tablet and a Chromebook for travel. The Chromebook has a built in case (technically speaking the outer shell), keyboard, and stand while the tablet ...
This is the most obvious question we are asked so often by our colleagues, friends and family members. If I ask you the same question then what would you reply? This question ha...
hello, someone flashed OP3 unbrick rom in OP3T now phone turns on but display color faded and dim brightness unable to flash OP3T unbrick rom, MSMdownload tool shows C...

17 days ago

Im contemplating it or importing the Meizu M6 note which is very similar, almost identical but better battery life, for $220. Both are ready for Oreo. Im waiting for the Nokia 8...
Hi , i would like to request TP-Link Neffos Y5i ROM or Unlock FRP ( Not Neffos Y5 ) different model
OFFICIAL VIDEO --------------------» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «xyoNaqy_fHY-------------------- OFFICIAL Image -------------------- --------...

18 days ago

When I do a search on Google and the search results come up with links to web sites,for some reason these links do not work.This had only happened recently.Thanks Bernard
I've done some cellmapping over the past 3 days but have yet to see the results on the map. Normally they're quite prompt at updating. Have an email in to their tech support but...

19 days ago

Let your beauty be naturally taken with the AI-equipped camera of the OPPO R15! The main highlight of the OPPO R15 will be its intelligent camera, equipped with AI (artifi...
Its name is CUBOT X18 Plus, 5.99 inch display, triple cameras, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, 4000mAh battery. CPU: MTK6750T 1.5GHz Octa Core, price $176. Any thought?
With another Mobile World Congress come and gone it's time to get caught up on other smartphone-related stories of note. Almost two weeks ago Computerworld took a deep dive int...
Hey guys i have an sony experia it used to work great no real problems, however recently i notices ( i have the yahoo mail application installed on the smartphone ) It is not au...
I have had installed a JVC KW-V930BW head unit which works fine except that Android Auto is not using the attached microphone plugged into the unit, instead it is using the phon...
If i haven't made a call or text within 2 or 3 hours my phone stops getting the ability receive texts or calls for about 30 mins then works fine again for a little bit The o...
LINK[ The Light Phone 2 adds messaging and more to the...
Im always a bit tempted to try, but I just get put off in the end by the perceived “faff” in moving stuff over... for exampleCan you transfer you whole camera roll and does ...
Hi i have had this Surface Pro 4(i5 core/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage) for just over 1 year now.And i keep getting this problem that my Surface Pro 4 becomes very very laggy/...

20 days ago

I am getting rid of the installments, and want to pick one of these two phones. I owned the Note 8 briefly before the X came out, and liked it a lot. It was a bit tall IMHO, bu...
Looking to buy, for my Mom. She has an old blu phone, but battery dies fast.
Budget - RM 2000 to 2699I am currently torn between these 2 phone choicesGalaxy S8 vs Mate 10My criteria is - which is the best CameraProvides faster updatesdo you thi...
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