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6 days ago

I'm a little confused so they can't unlock this phone or they can can someone help me please thank you.
Went to take a video on my Nokia 6 but the video mode is no longer there it's was but now all I have is just the photo mode in the camera ok I can still take photos but I want t...
I'm pretty sure my stalker exgirlfriend put The Truth Spy app on my note 8. Where would it be hidden and how do I get rid of it ?
I have a MetroPCS Android phone it's a blaze and I can't get it to answer I can't answer the phone how do I unlock it
My stole my phone was stolen can I get Google to restore my numbers and my pictures how can I get it my pictures
How do I reinstall swipe to unlock feature. Solved! Go to Solution.
Serious question...With the recent line of android phones and software leaks leaning closer and closer to iPhone doppelgangers, what is the point of Android anymore? If so m...
My phone's (Samsung A3 2016) storage keeps filling up really quickly so I plug it into my PC and download the photos, however when I look at my phone all the photos are still sh...
I have an Android phone and when I come in to Vons it goes to log in and when I to the Wi-Fi but on my phone it says connected and then in parentheses it says no internet closed...
Don't expect the Galaxy S9 Mini to be very fast, but you could get a sharp screen and two cameras.Samsung's Galaxy S9 Mini Benchmarks Just Leaked : Read more
The wife is pestering me to find her a non-LG Droid phone that combines the features of having the most storage space, the fastest processing speed, and the lightest. While...
I'm trying to figure out a way how to unlock my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S9 plus device any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using a infinix note 4 ,it won't turn on but when i charge it,it gets hot but dosen't show the charging light. What do i do?
I bought a 64 gb sd card for my alcatel pixi 4. Will you please tell me how can i transfer all the apps including the pre-installed apps to the sd card?? Oh my God! This is driv...
Huawei's triple-camera marvel takes stunning low-light shots, but it’s not quite a replacement for the Galaxy S9 or iPhone X overall.Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Phone Huawei ...
I reset my phone and i accidentally hold the power button and then the system crashed por something and i cant use bluetooth and some apps that came with the phone is gone like ...
My new mobile is not smart phone, I lost my old mobile which is Android. Now I want to copy my old contacts from Gmail to my new mobile phone
One reader wants to secure their apps and files but doesn't want to fuss with authentication when waking their Galaxy S9. We explain a possible alternative method.Help Me, T...
my huawei y550-l01 storage is damaged it is giving 2 options on the screen either restore factory settings or restart phone after choosing 1st one nothing happened and aft...
I set the direction lock on my samsung galaxy s8 and now i forgot the direction order pattern password and cant vjange my accessibility preferences . What can i do? How do i res...
I used to use iTunes and simply syncronized it with my Galaxy Note with iSyncr. Works great but I hate iTunes and want to simply remove it and find a better alternative.Wh...

7 days ago

Hey all I was wondering if anyone has a similar problem, I'm using a htc one M8 and have never had any problems upto now, I use the ie program alot and I usually leave it with 3...
I have one Android device and I cannot but help notice a couple of things about the way apps on Android devices are handled. I struggle with some of the permissions some apps re...

8 days ago

If you needed another reason to be angry at your Android device maker, here it is. According to a new feature in WIRED some OEMs have been flat-out lying about their security p...
Quote Once a month, Google updates the Android Securi...
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