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11 days ago

I have 16G of memory card in my phone but my apps won't update because my phone has no enough space please help remove my apps to my memory card to free space in my phone
Samsung Galaxy S9+ I've only had my new phone 3 days, have moved all apps that I can to the external sd card and I've still only got about 30% memory left. If I uninstall the...
Hi guys, I really hope you can help me through this: I use a 16gb micro sd on my HTC to save my photos and videos. Recently, while taking video, a short message sayin...
I bought an SD card put it in the slot, went to the storage and it never acknowledged anything was different
i have an samsung j2 mobile and it never get connected to laptop whenever i connect it to the laptop i am not able to share my mobiles internet connetion with the laptop

12 days ago

Hi have any other Miezu owners found that the charge rate is very slow , around 4hours or more to fully charge ?  We have 2 x M3s both of these take the same amount of time to c...
The HTC U12 could feature 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to go along with the fastest processor available.HTC U12 Plus Specs Leak: This Thing Is a Beast : Read more
Use your phone as a PC with Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 accessory, DeX Pad, available to preorder now.Samsung DeX Pad Pre-Orders Begin: Turn Your S9 into a PC : Read more
I'm trying to recover some videos and pictures that were erased out of my phone recently but I don't know how to search for them
Just occurred to me that while both iPhone X and Galaxy S9 have 5.8" display, the aspect ratio is different between these two devices. iPhone X has 19.5x9 aspect ratio, while th...
So apparently Google is collecting data on children under 13 through YouTube. It honestly doesn't surprise me at all, but it's pretty disgusting that they continue to get away w...
As above HTC i sno longer supported on Google Play rendering it a phone - no longer a smart phone (even if it is five years old)
The company I work for has introduced 2FA on Office365 /  Outlook.  The problem is that for some reason the native Samsung/Android mail app cannot cope with this. I've found an ...
Dear sir, M samsung j7 prime mobile use krta hun. Mera photo delate ho gya h. M use kaise recover kru. Pless help me. Thanks
so yea. I want to move my app installation directory to my sd card on my vivo y53 adroid 6.0.1. How do I do that?
I'm using my old Sony Xperia Z1s on my home Wi-Fi. The phone can see the network, but won't connect to it. I've connected another phone to the same network, so I know I'm typing...
My phone had run out of memory so I reformatted my SD card as internal storage. A warning message came up that my SD card was too slow and some apps would not work properly. I s...
I accidentally locked my phone I can't get back in it it says I need a pun code can anyone help me please it's a zte max

13 days ago

I couldn't find HTC M9+ section in this forum, therefore I had to post it here.I recently purchased an HTC M9+ for my dad. This is the first HTC device in my family. The devi...
Huawei’s new triple-camera marvel may not technically be sold in the US, but clever buyers can still get their hands on one. Here’s how.Here’s How to Get the Huawei P20 Pro ...
I lost my grandmother i had captured her last memory but i shift them into trash i thougt that after some days iwill restore them but i dont kbow tht after 60 days the trash it...
Reports are popping up in online forums where Galaxy S9 owners complain of unresponsive touch screens. Here's what we know about the problem.Some Galaxy S9 Screens Not Regis...
For Asus' new ZenFone Max Plus, the beauty runs only skin deep.Asus ZenFone Max Plus Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Read more
I have a couple of albums that are showing at the top of my album list...not in alpha order. Does anyone know how to correct this?
We actually need two phones so I was wondering if I should wait for Samsung to offer a BOGO on the unlocked version or pounce on the T-Mobile BOGO. Elsewhere I was told that mos...
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