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and i have a problem to update ios version on itunes,(and i tried before then to update it through the iphone 4s it self). and now everytime i try to turn it on it's showin...
Apple's next budget-friendly iPhone could come with a notch and other key features.iPhone SE 2 Leaked Video Looks Too Good to Be True : Read more
Apple's next event will take place in March, and will focus on solutions for educational environments.Apple Announces Education Event for March 27: Expect New iPads : Read more
Im a bit confusing how i can change my sos number based on my country? Were not using 911 so anything help? I want to change it. Is it possible? Tq
Here's what folks are saying about Fortnite's much-anticipated iOS beta.Fortnite iOS Early Review Roundup: A Mobile Smash : Read more
i have a problem with my iphone 4s-A1378.i did an update to the older version ios 6.1.3 version with 3utools application and then i set the basic settings-language,country and t...
IPhone reset. Most information returned but photos are not back. How do you recover photos? Thanks Svk
I have to push my home button to talk to Siri. My phone won’t allow me to use her by voice command. How do I fix this?
For unknown reasons or or how I no longer have wifi or have option to be able to turn it on and havnt been able or able to work out why or how it became like this when I initial...
Hellow everyone, There are rumors that apple is going to cancel the production of iphone X ... So Is it true? why are they going to do that? I am thinking of b...
On ebay i had bought an unlocked iPhone 6. When I got it, I tried to put the sim card in. It said sim not supported. I have purchased 3 unlocking tools already. None of them wor...
Hi. Can you recommend a sturdy robust smartphone adapter for Iphone 8 plus? I tried the Bresser universal Photo adapter thing but it broke after short use  I use it for my teles...
The company is working on new technology at a secret facility in California.Apple’s MicroLED Breakthrough Puts Samsung on Notice : Read more
Can't transfer photos from phone to tablet. Just says sending 1 of total nunber but never completes as other downloads do. Help!
Needing to know if it’s possible to transfer/ download my talking hank app from my old iPhone 5 to my new iPhone 6 Plus without having to start the game completely over ..???
Now that Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship phone, the pressure's back on Apple for this fall's iPhone update. Here's a look at where Apple might look to challenge the Gal...
The iPhone X is expensive, but the follow-up this year could be cheaper.Apple's iPhone X2 Could Get a Price Cut : Read more
Apple will likely need to fix another bug that allows others to hear your private messages.Siri Bug Reads Your Hidden Messages Aloud : Read more
In recent days I am staying at home to think that when using iphone, it is not convenient to tip on iphone by hands. And I think that is there anything that can be replace...
A new report says that Apple is readying a foldable iPhone for 2020, which would double as a tablet.Apple's Foldable iPhone Just Got a Lot More Real : Read more
Good day TSF! I have Intel Core i3-7100 with a TDP of 51W. Under full load, it only reaches 22W. Is this normal? Thank you! And another question... If the boa...
I am going to grad school in the US and will be taking my iPhone 7 plus that was bought in Korea. Will I be able to use apply pay with my phone in the US?  
Does the X still crop videos? For example a youtube video would it crop it where you would see less of the video? Is face i.d. accurate in low light/dark? Just debating ...
I have a 6S Plus that’s still working, even if it’s slowed down quite a lot. I’m quite irritated by how long it takes to open the camera and other apps sometimes. Next week, I’l...
Hi allI have a playlist called 'Favourites' on my MBP. I sync this to my iPad and iPhone. When I sync to the iPad, everything works as expected and any new tracks I've add...
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