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17 days ago

I have a new galaxy A tablet, the latest one. When I plug the charger in it stays on ALL night... nonstop. Does anyone know how to turn it off?
my sis have putten a zip wallpaper in her tab. now the zip is not opening and her tab is not power offing so that we do hard reset. can u please help me of how to unlock her tab.
If anybody can tell me how to get my Nextbook 11a tablet which is an Android system , to pick up WiFi signals please do . It used to connect using my Android phone as a hotspot,...
Going to Pinterest goodies just tells me to go to Chrome share but there is no choice for Pinterest when I do that. I want to add it to my browser.
I have a rca dvd tablet combo given to me by a family member who soon after died I hab ve no receipt it came from walmart but they wont help how can I fix this??
I have a nextbook Aries 10a that my uncle gave me. Unfortunately he didn't get a product code because he's not "hip" to that sort of thing. He got it off a private seller on eBay
How to delete a current software of my android and install a new software because i edited my system files and now the device is not booting after its logo plz reply.....
My samsung phone did a reset and now i could not get in cause i forgot the google account that was synced and i also forgot its password. Could i go to the samsung store i bough...
I have a model k013 which is a quite older model and the Acer launcher keeps running using upwards of 40 mg of RAM causing the unit to run very very slow I keeps trying to stop ...
I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Model# SM-T580 Android version 6.0.1 and a Samsung Evo 64gb micro external memory card but it's running out of internal memory. How do I switch t...

18 days ago

When I went to use my phone I found out my buttons at bottom of my phones are gone. So I can't go back and I can't use it efficiently. What should I do? Any advice? ??. Thank yo...
I keep changing my mind on smart lock. I wear a Garmin watch which is connected to my phone all the time so having smart lock on is great. But every so often I worry about secur...
I've had to note 8 since it came out but I've also noticed how much lag it has had throughout the months and I understand the phones getting older. The one thing I hate about th...
WHICH 14.1 screen available today in TPC is the best to work 90 % indoor 10 % outdoor...thx  
I am continuously facing issues with my Windows 7 Powershell< And receiving an Encryption Error message as" Windows Powershell Isn't responding", If anyone could help me out as...
When my tablet "power off" button is held is held down until the screen turns black the tablet comes back on after about 3 seconds. It stays on going through its logo stage and ...
When I charge my tablet, I press and hold the on button for it to turn on. Instead, it just flashes its brand name and turns of, quick like a snap. What do I do?!
Lost activation code. Show video how to get activation code on the screen of a NX16a8116k next book 8 inch tablet
Brand New Lenovo Tab4 8 has a new 64 GB MicroSD card but doesn't show up when connected to the laptop even though it reads in the tablet. I have formatted it for internal memory...
My daughters tablet want cut on or charge.. I don't know how to get to the battery to take it out I'm scared I'm gonna break it by taking back off
need help please! my NextBook Tablet is fully charged and has not had anything happen to it. i have tried holding the power and + many times.
How do I watch what was recorded on my nanny Cam's sim card on my RCA Android tablet using an USB cord? Please help!!
Why do.some.phones and tBlets cknnect to home wifi but two others don't. My kindle fire and my husbands galaxy note 4
When i try to factory reset my RCA W101 V2 tablet It doesn't go to the screen with the 2 dogs and just goes back to the original screensaver I have and locked screen and the rea...
RCA CAMINO 10.1 M#(W101SA23T1) How do I disable F4 hotkey? Tried in BIOS couldn't find it. Tried FN didn't work unless I did something backwards Not sure.
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