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More than a year ago

Has anyone successfully used an old HP Touchstone wireless charger from an HP Touchpad work with a Nexus six?
I haven't seen the HP Slate 7 available online or in any stores. It's only for sale on HP's website. Why is that?
Anyone knows if buying Xiaomi hp in Shanghai is cheaper than Singapore?If cheaper, anyone knows where to buy? Appreciate if can advise on the address and shop name. ...
hi Can anyone here tell me the way to unlock the bootloader hp slate 7 voicetab androud 4.4.2??
I recently bought an HP Slatebook 14, running android 4.4.2, and I've been scouring the internet for anything to help me root this thing. If anyone knows where I might fin...
I need to install a new rom to my tablet and I don't know how to install a new rom my tablet : hp slate 7 2801 and thanks in advance ^_^
i have hp slate 6 stuck in recovery mode only. please any one have solution for resolve my problem? Envoyé de mon Infinix-X551 en utilisant Tapatalk
I just acquired an Elitepad 900 (HP), and am looking for a good android os to install on it, and instructables to do it. Thanks
Dear friends How can I root my new HP Slate 10 HD 3603ev (Andr4.2.2).? I tried many things unsuccessfully. Any idea?
and some other stuff, these look nice
HP does not officially released Kitkat update for HP Slate 7 Voice Tab. Recently purchased and rooted, for upgrade but fails to update. Need in help for detailed procedure &...
hello all I want to find CWM for 7 hp stale HD, and a backup stock recovery.img? I do fault the stock recovery (3e) of hp Now I can not factory reset and reinstall rom for...
HP-made Android Device Leaked! A nee high end android device made by HP has just been leaked!
Just got some information about the HP Slate7 availability in New Zealand:"The HP Slate7 is expected to be available in New Zealand from April 2013 with a starting price of N...
My favorite app on the iphone was this calculator. Does it exist? Id pay $20 for such an application on Android.
Is there HP AIO OS download link to test it and get it working on Intel i5 laptop? * holy **** this xda forum...
i am having hp slate 6 voice tab dual sim hanging on logo will any one plse give the stock rom for me thankin...
I recently got CM11 on my Hp touchpad and i've been worried about the battery consumption. First when i plugged it in, it said 0% battery and when i unplug, it 2 seconds later i...
Hp slate virus done by flashing Phone adb sideload image Flashing image Bro.Amit sharma Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
OS corrupt, can anyone help me with HP slate 7 voice tab HSTNH-b20c model. mod pls help me, thanks in advance
Hello Friends, My HP Slate 7 Voice Tab rooted as per XDA Forum post, Tried to install clockwork recovery but unable to install any zip file. each time fails to pass signature....
I downloaded android-4.4.2 from link and installed it on my HP-Mini 210 netbook but I cannot install apps from google play store. The apps are not compatible wit...
I'm new to the forum, but I just recently purchased a HP Slate 7 Extreme and I was wondering if there are any root methods other than vroot or kingo that would work with this ta...
With the tepid reception of the current Slate 7, do you think HP's new Slate tablets will be worth buying? The specs are better, the screens are sharper, but will that be enough...
Hi, I am using the HP Compaq Airlife 100 smartbook with Android 1.6. I tried a lot of apps to root this device. Without any success. Does anybody know an app, which is succ...
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