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More than a year ago

New to the android. How do I transfer my music on my iTunes from my laptop to my new Samsung? Posted via the Android Central App
When You Have Learnt Android Developing I have learnt Android Developing Since last 8 months.......
Name of next android upgrade? whats the name of the next android upgrade? i read it would be lemon.
Is there any application similar to Macrium Reflect for android, so you can create a backup of the current state of my android?
Where is Android heading? What future do you guys see in Android where will it go from here? Sent from my One using xda app-developers app
RTMP stream on Android Is it possible to open a rtmp stream on android ? How can i do that ?
The last few days I often flash on android, what it can damage the hardware? what will happen to android if too often in flash? what will happen to android if too often in flash?
Hiiii...all i just want to know if it is possibe to install a ROM of an android phone on an non-android phone like samsung monte S5620.
Share your experience about Android Development If you are an Android Developer can you share your experience about android development? How do you start in Andr...
The Spark app for Android phones no longer works on Android 6 Marshmallow. Probably needs recompiling. Please fix
I'm thinking about a new android device.I'm currently using the Galaxy S4 9505.So, which android device up to 450€..?
Now that Android N is Nougat, I decided to do a poll on what you think the name for Android "O" should be.My vote is Orange Crush.  
BBM for ANDROID 2.2 Can somewhere here can develop BBM for android 2.2 ..please ????
ppy_cross folder on android The captioned folder is repeatedly being loaded onto my android tablet, even after being deleted. What is the source and how can I b...
How have Perl on Android How can I have Perl shell on Android phone?Sent from my LT28h using xda app-developers app
Doodle Sprint! from iOS for Android ? Hi, is it possible to install Doodle Sprint! from iOS on Android ? Thanks
the best android device what is the best android device? and it doesn't matter if it's a tablet or a phone.
Android - Power on power off by keyboard? Is it possible to power on Android and turn off by keyboard or remote?
Patapon clone to android Hello Anybody here know any android game similar to patapon from psp?
Android Tablet Browser Hi, Do you know any good android tablet browser(s)?I'm looking for a good one, but I can't find it.
windows emulator for android tablet Please help how to run windows application in Android tablets and have any emulator ?
Simple question, but I'm interested in hearing the unique reasons why YOU prefer Android over iOS, if you do, haha!

More than a month ago

What are few best Android games your playing and you would recommend to anyone?Let's share good games  

More than a year ago

Hi, someone can help me to understand how to load the jpcap library in android project? Thanks in advance
As a example we create web service and we call it from our android application.Then any one can decompile our application and he can get that url.How can we protect it from them?
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