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More than a year ago

Blackberry os on android? is there a launcher out there with the blackberry mobile os or bb 10 like?
RIM is now BlackBerry, and BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry OS 10 operating system and the two smartphones BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 Esato News
i want to unlock a blackberry torch 9800 from the bell network,, can anyone point me in the right direction? miig.
today went to Jem's singtel n starhub looking for Blackberry PRIV display set and not selling blackberry PRIV !! some even said "sorry sir ,we don't sell blackberry !! ..
Condition of Blackberry hey guys.....this thread is actually about a general discussion. First tell me for what Blackberry is known for? Its OSBBM right?? ...
With all the turmoil surrounding blackberry, what are their phones worth on the marketplace? For example, i have a Blackberry Q5 i've been trying to sell, is 250 an unreasonable...
BlackBerry with Android Is there plans to bring a BlackBerry section to XDA? Or is anyone even interested? launchers can be used to basically run android on BB10...
Nevermind, found a setting in the main setting section that someone had changed to make it appear that way.
Still waiting for some legit review sites to weigh in, but the reviews thus far seem mixed. Any opinions?
Hello Guys, Recently Blackberry has launched BlackBerry Classic mobile. And most of the customers believe that in this mobile has more power and control than ever before. ...
The first images of a handset running next generation of the BlackBerry OS 10 has turned up today. Looks like a elegant and very thin device Esato News
This is not good..
If not, then it looks only inevitable that Blackberry will lose the enterprise and government markets to Apple and Samsung.
I have a moto g, quite happy with it. However lately I've been thinking of getting Blackberry Z30. Convince me not to!
1. Its possible dump memory blackberry using cdmaworkshop or dumper to debbug? 2. Its Possible modify loader blackberrys to read full?? thanks
Blackberry Z30 is now out. But it seems nobody cares. 5" Super AMOLED 720p Quad 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro 2 GB RAM 16 GB flash + microSDXC Bunch of other stuff
The Canadian firm Blackberry which just changed its name from Research in Motion at starting of this year is thinking to merge or sell it out after a loss of $84 M last quarter....
Are iPhones capable of sending PIN messages like a Blackberry?
blackberry curve Hi all, just out of interest is there a documented guide (with links to the apt SW) on jailbreaking/rooting a Blackberry curve to install TB and...
Hi i want to buy a tablet at a range between 10k to 15k so i chose a blackberry playbook... Because i'm fan of blackberry. So let me suggest my choice is right or wron...
Where to get a BB10 device in the US? Where can I get an unlocked blackberry z10 in the US from?
So friends, what do you think. Is it the same algo but with new private pass or only a MEP ID mystery?
Sorry if the question seems noob to you but, I saw some of the google apps working on BlackBerry after some BlackBerry developers patched it. But it does not provide full functi...
Blackberry problem Hello xda, I have a problem with my Blackberry Backup File. I currently don't have my Blackberry and I want to transfer my contacts from ...
Staying true to their roots, BlackBerry brings their physical keyboard, productivity suite, and security measures onto a 5.4-inch Android OS smartphone. Here?s our first impress...
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