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More than a year ago

I am thinking about having a HTC 10. I am using HTC EYE. Thinking about switching. Will it be a good option? Should I go for HTC 10?  
help please!! where is my mobile??will you please search on it??howq can i find my mobile.they stolen it.i cannot find. this is the thc cha cha A810e.
What is the special thing you like in HTC phone or you can say in this brand. Rather than any other brands Post the HTC phone you are using and what you like in the ph...
One of my friends is going to buy HTC 10. He is looking for original user's review. Anyone of this forum is using HTC 10?  
HTC one rebooting, still why is my htc one rebooting after installing stock android 4.4 i used before 4.3 stock
Galaxy S4 or Wait for next HTC ? give me suggest please I cant decide for this. but I think I should wait for next HTC
Since there is a S6 hype thread, seems fitting that there should be a HTC One M9 one. Discuss, I guess?
No page for HTC One XL Has anyone noticed that there doesn't seem to be any page for HTC One XL codename Evita, unlike all the other phones. HTc One, One X, One ...
NEW!!!! HTC Desire 816 Introducing the HTC Desire 816: Everything you Desire in a mid-range smartphone
jaggyRom for htc explorer Anyone using jaggy Rom for htc explorer, discuss about the bug's in It.Sent from my HTC Explorer A310e using xda premium
HTC Announces Its Mobile Sports Camera, the ?HTC RE,? With WiFi, Bluetooth, And A 16MP Sensor and the Htc Desire Eye with Its Selfielicious 13MP Front-Facing Camera More In...
Hello Guys! I am new to xda, I have an international htc one m7 rooted and running cyanogenmod 11 nightly (How) Can I get stock HTC Sense Apps like Camera,Gallery, Blinkf...
USB connector location HTC Maybe this has been discussed, but I could not find it. HTC Inspire - USB connector on top. HTC One X - USB connector on the side. HTC...
Unlocked at&the HTC one x If I unlock a at&t HTC one x and put a tmobile sim card in it will I get 3,4G or would I only get 2G and edge.I found a at&t HTC one x ...
HTC updates its range of Android smartphones by unveiling the 4.7-inch HTC One X+ model powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor Esato News
which one will you choose?HTC or Samsung Google Edition now htc will release the htc one google edtion in few weeks. so we have too google edition phone.Samsung ...
Just wondering if anyone has gone from the HTC M7 to the S6 and how the battery life has been and performance. Thanks in advance!

More than a month ago

Looking at jerryrigeverything videos, the HTC 10 looks painful to take apart. How bad is battery degradation on it?

More than a year ago

I am thinking about having a HTC Desire EYE. I am looking for reviews from real users. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
I have an unlock code for my HTC One X from AT&T. Can I unlock it without a new SIM card? If so, how? Thank you!
HTC One is available on contract from AT&T and Sprint for as low as $50. So if one gets the phone from USA then can we jailbreak here in India?
I have a att htc one phone and its been blacklisted is there anyway around that for I Sent from my SGH-M919 using xda app-developers app
HTC will not be present in Brazil any more after poor sales in the largest country on the South American continent Esato News
Nexus4 vs htc one ? Cost and performance ?Nexus 4 cihaz?mdan Tapatalk 2 ile gönderildi
Selling HTC rezound for more info and detailsSent from my ADR6425LVW using xda app-developers app
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