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More than a year ago

I deleted LG home3,then~~ I can't find the LG home3,The LG hone3 of L5 is not fit my LG L7~~,who can help me?sorry for my English,Sent from my LG-P705 using...
Hi im new around here and i have a LG G2 D803 With AEONFLEX ROM and i am woundering if there possible to get the LG Flex Widget Clock?
HELP LG phone LG vu p895 How to root LG vu p895 please help i tried z4root unlock root super onclick nothing works help and rey fast Sent from my LG-P895 using...
LG e617 how to unlock Hi!! I have LG E617g locked in which they brought me from Canada and do not know what network is locked. how can I make it work??
unlock bootloader on lg lucid Can anyone give me a program that will unlock the lg lucid bootloader.
i bricked my lg lucid help please My lg lucid is bricked and i need help to unbrick it please be speccific on telling me.
can anyone tell me if the digitizer from a lg ls970 work on the lge970??? in know the specs are the same but was looking for any help...
Hi guys, i have a LG Prime Plus HDTV (It's name in Brazil) but his real name is LG MAGNA, and i want to install a ROM Google Edition in that, can you help me with this, if you h...
My lg gt540 donut hangs on logo LG after i pressed reboot in bootloader using an app called boot manager which i had installed on my phone.what can i do to bring it back?
LG G 2 or LG NEXUS 5 ? please can any one advice me i am having galaxy nexus and i am going to buy new phone but i am confused between G2 and Nexus 5 which ph...
So I ended up wiping my Lg Leon files because I was going to flash Cyanogenmod but now I can't flash it and I don't have an OS. What do I do?
Hey guys if i root my lg g3 tmobile thru towelroot would i be able to install custom roms? and would i be able to unroot in the future?
Hello, I can't find a working link (downloadable) for stock ROM LG F370K . Can any one help me out?

More than a month ago

Hello, Does anyone knows what is he command to factory reset on lg devices in download mode? thanks in advance.

More than a year ago

Anyone here has a LG G3 charger or any LG AC Charger adapter to give away or sell? I dun mind fork out like $10 as a token for your help If you do have a spare set, do pm me
Were can i find roms for my lg g flex.,, im new to this Would any rom work for my lg g flex or it has to be a specific one for it
How to change apn settings in LG Optimus G E970? How can I change the apn settings in LG Optimus G E970?
hi i have done a software update on my phone through lg support tool after that my screen keeps flashing with lg logo need help asap
About the LG optimus Vu P895 [only] No forums for this phone as i see iam alone on xda devlopers no body has my phone can someone tell me if he has oneSent fro...
Anyone know if theres any development on the Tribute 2? Im wanting to run CM but i cant find anything.
The toggles on my slide down menu have disappeared. The one for wifi, Bluetooth, etc...How do I get them back?
LG Optimus G E975 or LG Nexus 4 E960 Hi guyswhich one should I get ?LG Optimus G E975 471$ or LG Nexus 4 E960 449$ ?I want to get LG Optimus G E975 b...
VZW LG G2 VS-980 (For your LG G2 VS-980 Needs) Post here for help with your VZW LG G2 VS-980 and I will do everything I can to lend you a helping hand
Does anyone know where or how to get hold of the BATTERY KIT and TRAVEL CHARGER for LG V20.Since LG doesnt have shops like Samsung, its pretty hard to find accessories for L...
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