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More than a year ago

Nokia - the next RIM? Heard that Nokia has an awesome quarter due to the success of the Lumia; however, traction is growing with the other hardware vendors. If y...
I am a big fan of Nokia devices. My first device was Nokia 3310. I am really happy that Nokia 3310 has relaunched. I am going to grab one. What do you guys think about Nokia 331...
Hi, I have Nokia 101 and Nokia 105. Both model from India. Can I use the charger of Nokia 101 to charge Nokia 105 and vice versa too ? Of course I don't to damage neithe...
Samsung, Nokia and I-Phone is the great company.......... So please tell me, which company is top poisons at 2016?
My Nokia 2730c runs very slow. It often hangs and restarts automatically. It is out of warranty. Please suggest a solution
Hi all. Am I missing something or is there not a forum for the Nokia Lumia 1520? Later............
My phone was be stolen on 21st august  and now I have plan to buy new one Nokia phone So, I need your suggestion from all of you my Brotha. Which one is better, Nokia Lumia o...
new version of nokia suite available in software update   
Heloo friends I had Nokia 808 Pureview. Can i sold it and buy nokia Lumia 720 or hold my Pureview. Which one is better. Need suggestions..Pls replay guys.
This week Nokia announced three affordable Android smartphones with the introduction of the 4-inch Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the 5-inch Nokia XL Esato News
My friend posted a beautiful post about Nokia Symbian.Hope you guys like it.Also Nokia thinks the same about this.Check out: Nokia cannot kill Symbian now
Where can i sell off my old nokia handphones? Any shops still accept them? Models like n95, 6680 and a few other older models.
I want to buy Nokia Asha 210, its released but still not available. Any ideas what could be the reason ? And when would it be availble ?
17 years after the major success of Nokia 3310. It's coming back. What are you hoping for? It was reported it will be a feature phone instead of smartphone.
Anyone want to guess on the future of Nokia after the complete and utter disaster that the Microsoft Windows Phone-based Lumia line has been?
nokia 6600 & qtek 9090 which program I can use to import sms from nokia 6600 in qtek 9090? :?: thanks ops:
Hello, what types of data cable and software are needed to connect a Nokia 100 to a PC for flashing? Note: CA-101 is displayed on the Nokia 100 service manual but as we can ...
I do find there are no proper reviews about Nokia Asha 206 which is one of recent launch by Nokia..So I suggest users who have experience with Asha 206,post their views here...
the nokia s40 core file is still hidden whilst nokia is finishing producing s60 and working with s40 or windows
Nokia today confirmed that the Nokia 808 PureView 41 megapixel monster will be available in stores in May Esato News
hello, I would like to know what can be done with (nokia Testing and tuning tool 2011.44.590.exe)I find looking for nokia care suite storethank younothing on googleI also f...
Nokia Wallpaper Mega PackSymbian^3 and s60v5 Wallpapers Mega PackWallpapers size: 360x640Symbian^3 phones: Nokia C6-01, C6-02, C7 Astound, C7-00, E6-00, E7-00, N8, T7-00, ...
Need a Nokia Feature phone Features needed: 1. Dual sim 2. Voice Recording and transfer over USB.. No.2 Is important. Open to any Nokia S40 based or Nokia S30 based pho...
New functionality in 3.5 release:Copy content between your Nokia N9 and your computerGet important improvements and fixes for many problemsI refer you for info and download...
Nokia phones evolved immensely since 1984, both in design and function.Nokia Ukraine posted on their Facebook page a great iconographic that shows the evolution of Nokia phones ...
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