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More than a year ago

When will Sony Xperia M2 Aqua release in india.What will be the price of it. as Sony Xperia zr is available at 18K and it is much better than sony m2 aqua.
i have above sony phone showing simlock i have tried to unlock it through code calculator not successful please help to unlock
With the news that Sony is selling off its PC business, do you think they may end up rolling back their smartphone business as well? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
My Sony active doesn't open It shutdowns suddenly And when I turn it on The screen gives me Sony then xperia finally restart and repeat . Please help me.
New Sony status bar? Anyone here with z ultra noticed this???will this be sony's new battery status bar ????Sent from my C6802 using xda app-developers app
I am curious why Sony mobiles are never reviewed? Is there some specific reason? Sony xperia Z was top phone, now Z1 i am curious for there results. Best Regards
GB) transparent sony weather widget This is the sony weather widget, modded to be transparen and looks the same as in ics.
Sony NSZGS7 Google TV Dose anyone know If i can load google tv 3.0 or android 4.0 on to this device ? Or is there any good mod section for Sony NSZGS7 ??
Having any hardware or software problem with Sony device post it I'll see that its do Does any one having problem with Sony device post it I work for Sony I se...
Hi: I'm trying to update some phones but I can't find stock Roms. There is a website for Samsung Stock Roms ( ), But is there any web site like that f...
Sony Mobile today announced two LTE Android smartphones for the Japanese market. The 95 gram light Sony Xperia SX and the 4.6-inch Sony Xperia GX with a 13 megapixel camera ...
Happy new year! Since it's the fifth of the year and nobody posted anything, let me begin the series of 2012 concepts. Here we are with an unnamed device I've received from a de...
My sony mobile get damaged by falling down in water. So I am finding best sony mobile service center in Chennai. Can anyone tell me best sony mobile service center in Chennai. O...
Got my Sony Xperia Z5 (Green) in hand, willing to answer any question you may have about it, so AMA!
Hey guys. My phone (Nokia Lumia) was stolen and I got a Sony Xperia. I backed up my stuff regularly to my Hotmail account. How can I get my details back? Marlien
Can U tell me what is the meaning of this massage...this massage show on my phone when i make a call Ciphering not available from provider insecure transmission.... ...
my sony xperia play store wont work,i have tried to long press my google account so that i could try remove it and then add it again but all that wont work.kindly help.
Could anyone please tell me how to root my Sony xperia l...? I been searching but can't find any good tips.. Posted via the Android Central App
Z3 ; New SONY flagship What U thing about Xperia Z3 and what is the incentive to change from Xperia Z to Z3 ?
Hi, I've never done this on any phone. This is my first android phone. I need to know how to root my device (Sony Xperian E dual). What do you suggest?
i got locked out of my sony experia c5303 and i have also forgotten backup password. Any other option than a factory reset. Plz help
Has AnandTech covered a review on Sony Xperia Z1 and Z ultra already?If not, when can I expect to see this? The phone is already available in Europe and India with a US launch...
Hi everyone, Hope this is right forum, but i cant find any info about how to root my Sony Xperia ARC LT15i! Can someone help me out?
Does anybody know wheter sony xperia t has a bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset? Or does anybody know how to check it?
Hi there, My plan is due for re-contract. Can I know which is better ? The Sony Xperia Z2 or Samsung Galaxy S5 ? Thanks
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