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More than a year ago

Is it possible to get a IPhone 4S from the apple store and activate it through straight talk and use verizon towers with it????

More than a month ago

Does anyone know if we are still able to buy Apple care for the iPhone from Freedom Mobile? Do we get it done in Freedom Corp store or go through Apple?

More than a year ago

Does Apple authorize any dealers to sell refurbished iPhone 5S units in the US? I am interested in a Verizon iPhone 5S, but only if it is legitimate with an Apple warranty. I ...
Bonanza !! Bonanza !!BUY 3 UNITS GET 1 UNIT FREE Apple Iphone: Apple iPhone 6 64GB ........$900USD Apple iphone 6 16GB Gray............$800USD Apple iPhone 5S 16GB ....
I can confirm that the iPhone 6s will have band 12.
How i can get iphone 6 unlocked by tmobile. It is paid in full. Will apple store switch it out for unlocked version?
Includes iPhone 6/6 Plus Charger Lightning Sync Cable, Headset With Storage Case in Original Packaging iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus factory unlocked GSM/CDMA 4G LTE global smar...
So it seems that apple had made sure that there are no way to add unlimited data during this iPhone lunch. I bet by 2016 unlimited data will be standart
Tried to activate a new Iphone 6s plus and could not. Apple server denied the activation due to the carrier not being supported. Brought the Iphone back to Apple and they co...
I got my iphone 4 wet and ruined it. For now, I put my SIM card back in my old E71. I was looking at refurbished iPhones at the apple store. I see the AT&T iPhone is much cheape...
I just posted on the Apple sub-forum about the likely price drop on the T-Mobile Apple iPhone 5 16GB after the "new" iPhone is released, but now I am wondering about features. ...
We all know that Sprint paid a boat load of money to Apple to get the IPhone, what I want to know how much did T-Mobile USA pay Apple for the iPhone or did they get a deal, be...
Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, I looked but couldn't find an answer to the question. I bought an Apple iPhone 5 in January from Rogers. The phone has now develo...
Beginning 10/14, Apple is now selling the SIM free version of the iPhone 7/7 Plus on their website and eventually in their stores.
Does anybody know if I have to have the AT&T Locked IPHONE 3GS unlocked to use it with Cricket Wireless?
I bought an unlocked att iphone 5 from apple. The 30 day return period was April 24 if I bring it into apple will they let me switch it for a tmobile one?
Does any Iphone 6+ work on Cricket? thinking i may try apple for once.. since i have been an android user for a long time..
I have an iPhone 4S currently on Verizon and was purchased from an Apple store. Can I use it on the AT&T go phone?Sent with the HoFo App
Bell is dropping prices on some iPhones and the Note 4:Apple iPhone 5s 16GB$49.95Apple iPhone 5s 32GB$119.95Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB$299.95Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB...
Am I understanding right.. that the new iphone could be carried on any of our major 4 networks? (including t-mobiles 1700mhz which I think is listed as AWS)
I went to Apple store and they swapped out my iPhone under warranty. Does this mean the new phone will be unlocked? I'm planning an overseas trip. I don't have access to another...
The subject says it all. I will be purchasing two new iPhones in the next month (when the new iPhone is available) and will be paying cash for both. It it better to purchase fro...
I has my iphone 5 replaced today under warranty, I was having problems with the power button. The apple store rep told me that they only replace with a brand new unit, not ...
Just got an email blast saying that the Apple iPhone 5 16GB on TELUS will be $49 on a 2yr activation or renewal tomorrow (August 29th) only.
Special promo available throughout all channels!!!- Apple iPhone 4 8GB, Black/White.- Any Fido Smart Plan.- Existing & new Fido subscribers.
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