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More than a year ago

Can anybody tell me nokia 2700 classic very old model indeed but I need to upgrade which is not possible with nokia pc suit.
I am sending a sms but it is not responding More about : nokia message problem
My phone(Nokia X) could not be use but it could be started and it always shows "Launcher has stopped"....... what should I do?!!!
Is there anyway you can unlock mobilicity Nokia 5230.If You Know any place Can u Tell me where can i get it done...........
For some reason, after I updated my nokia e63 ovi and nokia stores, the stores won't open anymore and when I try to open it, it starts to freeze and get stuck and stop working. ...
Can I still activate a Nokia 1100? I would like to use it as a glove box phone. Plus I like using nostalgic phones. I have it charging now.
I try to send a picture via email on a nokia cingular flip phone and i do not know how to type the @ for the email address. please help, thanks, anne w. ...

16 days ago

Does anyone know if the Nokia 7 Plus will run on Sprint?

More than a year ago

Does anyone know whether the original, Nokia-branded back covers in contrasting colors are still available? The Nokia Lumia 520 is an AT&T GoPhone, and I think there must still ...

More than a month ago

Edit: NVM, just found out that this phone won't work in the US and Canada, on any carrier. will the new Nokia 3310 be compatible with Tracfone service?the reason I'm ask...

More than a year ago

I am Jesus. I was just wondering how to unlock nokia lumia 920 at&t, and i find for this, this is great information, what you people are doing fo...
These two Nokia flip phones. Nokia 7205 & Nokia 2705- I know if I get one that was not a VZ prepaid phone it will work-but will I be able to use mms without making changes. Will...
From time to time I have read passing reference to some sort of a feud between Sprint and Nokia (one that may have come to an end with Microsoft buying Nokia's devices division)...
T-Mobile uses Nokia in parts of the USA, while I think AT&T and Verizon use Alcatel-Lucent. What does this mean for T-M...
It has been a while since the Nokia 520 and Nokia 521 came out and were on special. A lot of people here seem to have gotten them for the price and the chance to play with ...

More than a month ago

Anyone going to get the Nokia 6 and use on AT&T. Wondering if the VOLTE and wi calling actually might be enable on it. because a friend of mine had the China version and the VOL...

More than a year ago

Since most phones from wind only work with wind or mobilicity, if i were to unlock my nokia C7, would it work with other network like virgin or bell?
does anyone know how or where to unlock the nokia e73 with mobilicity? if someone can do it i will pay or if they could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appre...
I donno but just got an email Cricket is offering a free Nokia 630Mod.If this has been posted before, please feel free to delete post.
Is Vodafone planning to sell the Nokia Lumia 635 soon? Telecom and 2degrees sell it already - but I'd prefer to purchase one from Vodafone direct :)
how come when i put a case on a nokia lumia 521 it doesnt turn on when someone text me usually it turn on when someone text me but it doesn't
I have not called customer support yet and thought I might ask if anyone has the mobile web settings for Lycamobile using a Nokia 301?
Hello all, Can an unlocked Nokia C3-00 be used on Canadian Bell Mobility? Either a Plan or Pre-Paid? Thanks
My Nokia 521 resets itself often when in idle mode. I'm very disappointed. The only time it does not reset is when I'm using the gps. Is anyone also experiencing this?
I intend to purchase a Nokia C3-01 that has HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100. Will it work on T-Mobile 3G network?
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