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More than a year ago

Games on your Acer A500!! So what games are you guys playing/enjoyingon your Acer? Has anyone tried the games already installed.Pd:suggest games please!!!
I have a Acer Iconia A200, but that in turn charge the acer logo appears and after that did not want to go to the acer logo back again to continue. want to ask how ya how ...
Acer Iconia A500 Is Stuck At Acer Boot Screen, I have updated to ICS and my bootloader is locked so it is not accepting files. Is there a way to revive the tablet.
Please help... coz i cant play using qvod on it.. my N7 can play qvod but my acer cant..~~ dont know whats wrong.. any one can help me?

17 days ago

I want to do a factory reset on my Acer one tablet? I want to get it to the same as it was when I broughy it and set it up for the first time

More than a year ago

Can an Acer W4 owner please verify that this device actually has a GPS? I cannot find a GPS stated in the specs anywhere. Thanks!
Acer A500 case Is there an Otter Box or similar style case available?Sent from my A500 using xda premium
my acer tablet wont let me click on the settings icon to allow me to connect to wifi it just keeps saying acer settings has stopped advice please
ACER A210 problem ello, the problem is that my device acer a210 just shutdown and no power on i try restarting reseting nothing only when i conect to pc find APX...
acer a500 cant open recovery hi.. i have acer A500 and i forget the password ... when i try to open recovery menu i have the android and mark (!) inside i...
Hey, guys, l wanna install Acer Ring on my Acer A500 with STOCK 4.0.3. What I need to this? I have already root my device. Thanks.
Acer Decrypter Tool For those that need the Acer Update Decrypt Tool. Unzip contents. Select encrypted zip Select Start Decrypted file will have t...
Acer Iconia wallpapers hey guys I made some wallpapers for my Acer Iconia a200 and I figured I would share with you A500 folks! hope everyone enjoys these
I have a top of the range Acer laptop and couldn't be more pleased with it. I have also had a HP laptop, and the charger which came with it, was a HP branded one. The one which ...
A500 tab stuck on the Acer Logo Hi, My A500 is stuck on the acer logo screen. What should i do now? can anyone please help me on this? Current Andriod ve...
How do I play in The Adventures of Tintin 3D on Acer a100 How do I play in The Adventures of Tintin in 3D Acer a100?
I want to take the key board out the front and sides are lose but the back wont come lose what do I do to get it out
this tablet is completely frozen. it will not open. please help how to get it started. the only thing that happens it the name comes on the screen
I have forgotten my password. How can I reset my password or reset to factory settings? Cheers  
Wondering if any of you guys know where I could get the Acer Aspire Switch 11 with core i5 in it? It's listed on the website, but not in the acer store which only sells...
bricked official stock acer iconia a500 my acer iconia a500 rebooted by itself and now it is stucked in the android logo and every time i go into the recovery a ...
Acer AV041_A100_RV02RC01_PA_CUS1 Image Version I Just Received another Refurbished A100 From the Acer Outlet Yesterday. @ 139.99After an the Update Yesterday t...
Help please my Acer A500 is blocked Please help me i am in boot menu of my Acer A500 and i don't know what can i do my Acer whene i push power bouton i am blocke...
Heads up to Acer for excellent service. My granddaughters Acer Iconia B1 lost some of the touch response on the screen. I emailed Acer and they arranged a courier collection. ...
dear users, suddnely acer media start blink every second on the device and I can not do nothing. hardly I checked running process and there are " "acer media boot_completed broa...
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