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More than a year ago

Hi, I have some videos on my Android phone that I would like to watch on my Android tabket, how can I stream from one device to another without wrapping the files? Thanks

More than a month ago

What is the difference between Android phone app development and Android tablet app development?  

More than a year ago

For those of you running Android apps on Chromebooks which ones are you using? Posted via the Android Central App
Welcome to the Android M Sub-Forum!A forum for discussions related to the Android OS version "Android M"  
Hi new to this site! My Android tablet when into Android system recovery , looping through 5 available messages none of which work help!  
Is is possible? If so please state the phone and maybe a tutorial of how to do it. Thanks in advance!
installing android on gen 9 hello i have archos gen 9, with windows os how to install android on it?
A DVD player for android ? Is there any DVD player for android platform ? All players I've tried can only play single VOB files.
help! how do i reinstall my android keyboard? i keep getting a message that says "unfortunately, android keyboard has stopped"
Bing for android? is it possible to get Bing on touchpad running android? on the google play store it shows up saying "Unsupported by your carrier"
Flipboard on Android.... Flipboard is now officially available on Android. Head over to the market and download Sent from my GT-P6800 using xda premium
I want to need best android tablet but I don?t have any idea of android tablet please help me give me some info
Android kitchen What is the best android kitchen for making kindle fire ROMs?Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using xda premium
hi guys need your help my tablet keeps telling me Android system has stopped working what to do please
I am looking for an Android device without a camera that can connect to AT&T. Does anyone know of one out there?  
is there a thread with complete instructions on how to install android on your ASUS transformer tablet ?
Is there a way to run Android on this device. I ws using Bluestacks but now they want a monthly subscription
Hello Guys, has anyone ever tried Android x86 etc. on DV8P? How was the experience? What problems if any were faced during installation and/ or usage?
my neuropad 2 has suddenly stopped working,only showing the "android " window now can't get any further,any suggestions please  

11 days ago

I noticed that android system is burning through battery. I have set it to off for background running again.

More than a year ago

Can anyone tell me how to recover an android excel file? I don't understand what happened to it. Please help if you can.  
I had used the Apple Tablet for 3 years,now I want buy a Android Tablets ,so I want know something about it
Does anyone knows how to gain acess to the full android market with a rooted phone im outside the us
Hello i still new in this site . . . I have problem to upgrade my chinese android phone . . So can anyone give to me way how to upgrade my android chinese phone to latest androi...

More than a month ago

On YouTube I found a commercial for iAnnotate for Android, I'm really happy with it on my iPad Pro so I wouldn't mind installing it on my Android tablets, but in Play Store I ca...
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