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More than a year ago

Does anyone have a Nokia 2520 they could kindly post a recovery image for? And direct me to one. Thanks.  
Hey! I heard about Nokia brought Android L powered tablet named N1. Has anyone among us used this device? How is it?  
Here's an article about Nokia' first Android tablet. What are your thoughts on this? Nokia makes a consumer comeback with N1 Android tablet | PCWorld Sent from my Nokia Lu...
I have a 950 nokia windows 8.1 phone i want to sync with my Galaxy 2 pad and dont know how .Can anybody help?

More than a month ago

I have solution how to bypass nokia frp 100% Sent from my SM-A510F using Tapatalk  

More than a year ago

Not sure if anyone else has this issue, when i am playing my own music via the Nokia MixRadio app, it's playing one song of the album then stopping. Has any one else had thi...
Hi, I have the unreleased Nokia tablet RX-115/116 prototype successor of Nokia Lumia 2520. Is it possible to install Android or arm system like SailfishOS on it? Windows R...
If you’ve missed Nokia hardware since the company’s smartphones were shuttled off to Redmond, then its latest announcement is sure to have you excited: Nokia just unveiled a new...
It seems that Nokia's seemingly endless supply of patents is about to pay dividends again for them this time in the Android tablet market.Nokia   is alleging   that the Nexus us...
Who bought the N1, I want to know whether it is good.It's charging port and common charging interface is universal? Or recommended other good tablet?  
Kindle fire is now $150 I was at toys r us last night and they were selling the fire for $150 regular pricesent from my Nokia 5110
Hi, I was wondering,Is it possible to forward calls and txt to my nokia phone from P6200 tab over wifi or bluetooth? Most of the times, my tab remains in my bag and as a...
Yesterday Nokia announced they will launch a new Windows RT tablet. No one here seemed to notice! Is Nokia totally irrelevant these days?
Even though Microsoft acquired Nokia's phone division, they didn't actually acquire the Nokia brand name, and Nokia is still in the business of producing tech hardware. Now that...
I have purchased the Joikusport premium AUD12.00 for my E7-00, it is running the updated phone firmware and want to use it as a wifi hotspot for my TF300TG. My tablet finds th...
Its the Surface RT, Nokia 2520 already dead? i mean now with Windows 8 with bing and Win9 what gonna happen with Windows RT?
Microsoft purchased Nokia primarily for its Windows Phone business, and there have been questions about what MS's plans for Lumia's tablets are. The generally-reliable @evleaks ...
Interesting price, don't know if coming to Singapore or not.
Hi, my Nokia HD-10 is new, with my Lumia 830 i can connect without problems/lags. My Surface Pro 3 runs well with all Updates, dxdiag says Miracast:supported, Microsoft pr...
The Nokia Lumia 2520 is Nokia's entry in the tablet market. What chance does this Windows RT slate have given it's running an OS that every review seems to hate? The company is...
Display: 10.1", 1920x1080, IPS, 665 nits, Gorilla Glass Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, quad core 2.2 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, plus microSD slot OS: Window...
Hi!I rooted my device and tried the UMTS Manager. The Manager does recognize the plugged in device (it shows IDs of the device). But it does not connect.After digging ar...
Surface pro 3, i5 8gb of ram, 256gb SSD and stream 7 tablet and nokia lumia 925 and a mini speaker at £950 or best offer
For the life of me I can't fine the button on email for forwarding... I am using the stock email app for the dell venue 11 pro. tapatalk on my nokia 520
What could have been the problem where most users here had internal memory or chip failure? The rom we used or hardware instability?Sent from my Nokia 3310
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