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More than a year ago

Sony Tablets Forum Can we have forum for Sony Tablets now?sent via rooted Xperia aRc :)
windows on sony tablet s has anyone managed to put Microsoft windows 7 on the sony tablet s?
Sony remote Can't believe their no option for this hope sony will ever implent this. Ability to save remotes and perhaps share them on platform asswell.
Anyone received this email from sony? maybe sony aiming to release a fix for wifi?? Sent from my Sony Tablet S using xda app-developers app
Did sony tablet s have car charger? Im always travel but hard to recharge my tablet s trying go to sony outlet by they say that sony dont have make it the car ...
sony mw600 bluetooth hello. any one here using this bluetooth headset? any mods to make the music track show in its display please advise thank you.
Hello, Can someone please upload the default/ stock launcher of the Sony Tablet S. Many Thanks !
Sony xperia tablet. Is this the correct forum? Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
What stylus do you recomend to sony s, i want to right notes from classes Please if possible ebay link
Timescape/Sony Xperia Launcher Hi Guys, Is it possible to have TimeScape widget on Sony Tablet or may be the Xperia Launcher itself??
Hi guys,Is there any way to browse mobile contents directly on sony tablet?Sent from my Sony Tablet S using xda premium
Hi all, Just a little question concerning my Nexus 7 and my Sony TV. When screen mirroring my nexus 7 to the wireless Sony smart TV would a VPN on the Nexus 7 still be conn...
Sony bootloader and xda Hi All, just read the holiday guide on the XDA, and the best OEM was chosen Sony for their support to Dev s. If i read it right the ...
Sony Tablet S in India updated to Release5a 4 days back Sony Tablet S in India updated to Release5a 4 days backSent from my Sony Tablet S using xda
Sony pushing files without notification? Did anyone notice that Sony keeps on pushing files to our devices.The sony ereader appeared on the Sony Tablet S.Tod...
Sony is having battery issues again and have halted sales of the Fit 11A Hybrid due to overheating issues: Stop using that Vaio Fit hybrid! Sony warns of fire risk | PCWorld
Does anyone know how long does it take before Sony release a new tablet to replace their existing model? A year, two years or more? Thanks!!
Sony Favourites Hi guys, I've just installed a new launcher but have now lost the favourites app. How can I access this now through a new launcher with...
It's possible ab official version of JB on our Sony tablet s? Inviato dal mio Optimus 2X con Tapatalk 2
Here I Have The Sony S XP Drivers i had to edit a line in the .inf i thought id upload it incase anyone else whated to use adb with xp
I have a Sony Tablet P (at&t), model: SGPT211US/S and I need to use with another carrier so how can I unlock it? Thank you for your help.
Sony Xperia Tablet S (Release6) Release6 out today. -Supports Dock Speaker for some models. -Updates SocialLife and Reader. Won't update yet, can I p...
Can someone port windows 8 to Sony tablet S ? I would like to see windows 8 on my tablet
Hello, how can I config to play a media file in sony xperia mobile (as source) on samsung tablet p1000 vie DLNA ?
Sony Tablet S battery life It's just me, or after last update Tablet S works longer on the battery?
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