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More than a year ago

Anyone knows where to buy a OEM Toshiba AT270 charger? The original replacement part from Toshiba cost both arms and both legs

11 days ago

I can't seem to find any reliable information on how to upgrade my BIOS on my Toshiba i15wb1302 can you please help

More than a month ago

So the Toshiba UK twitter feed appears to be undergoing a meltdown.I'm guessing they've been hacked  

More than a year ago

The new toshiba tab at270 7.7 should come out somewhere in june, same screen but tegra 3, should i wait?
Is toshiba. Ac100 and folio 100 the same Is toshiba. Ac100 and folio 100 the same in terms of development Sent from my LT22i using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
My tablet keeps restarting and it doesn’t take a break until the battery is empity !! What should i do?! ????
I need toshiba service station for tablet toshiba ac100 hello pls i need download link for toshiba service station for my tablet ac100 it comes with android os 2...
Hi I ordered the Toshiba Encore 2 Write from Amazon , and before that when I browsing the Toshiba Direct website I found an interesting accessory , the "Toshiba Connect and ...
My tablet won't start.I push the buttom and the only thing that apears is the TOSHIBA logo, and stays just like that.What can I do? 
let me ask tablet toshiba at7-c / 8g. OTG cable support and when to be updated to androi 5.0 lolipop.
I have a Toshiba AT300SE and when I plug it in I can get it say 'charging', and the little thunderbolt is in the battery icon, but no percentage is being added to my battery!?!?...
Hi guys,Just noticed the toshiba encore 2 has active digitizer. Is it better than vivotab note 8? How is it overall?  
Hi, I have the possibility to buy one of these tablet for the same money Toshiba WT310 (Intel® Celeron® 847) Asus T100. Which of these two would you choose and why?...

More than a month ago

My toshiba encore 2 tablet keyboard appears split in 2 on the screen when I press the keyboard. How do I get it back to the one complete keyboard?  
Toshiba Satellite P770-104. Can i upgrade my graphics card so i can have at least analysis 1920X1080?  

More than a year ago

Hey all, Wondering if anyone has gotten their mitts on the new 13.3" Toshiba Chromebook and what their thoughts are on the device? I may decide to pick one up from BestB...
I need a new cheap laptop for basically just messing around on the net. Was looking at Toshiba 2, Asus, and Acer but wary of the latter 2 as I've never used their products.
Hi Is there a way that you can connect an external webcam to the Toshiba Thrive AT100 Tablet using the USB port? Thanks a bunch! Mike
This looks like it might be real! (Courtesy of WinBeta site)  
Any bros here owns this tablet? Where can I buy this in Singapore? Thanks in advance for the info.
how connect toshiba excite 7.7 to portable hotspot wi-fi in any android mobile ?my toshiba 7.7 not read this kind of wifi what can i do ? thanks all 
HI , My toshiba AT300se Tablelet bootlooped after the latest update, I tried factory reset from recovery all those stuff.But no use.please help me to solve this isue.  I bought ...
hi, my toshiba excite won't scan the music of the external microsd card and and they can't be shown in the toshiba media player app. I think it is the fireware problem, will the...
I have started an online petition to convince Toshiba that they should supply updates to our Toshiba Thrive Tablets.  We all purchased our Thrives for two reasons:  because of T...
Please your help, I have one at 300, flash light stays on all the time and the camera does not respond, I should do ??
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