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You Have a Nook Tablet, what now?

Nook Tablet General - xda-developers -
You Have a Nook Tablet, what now?

You Have a Nook Tablet, what now?

I don't want to do anything drastic, I just want to root, get more market by changing build.prop, be able to sideload, etc. I don't need to have a bootable cwm sdcard or get adb working or any of that extreme stuff. I just want to run Jelly Bean, nothing fancy. I can't afford an sdcard but I'll get one later.

We all see the the end result of this decision in any forum you choose to read (boot loop, stuck on N screen, can't boot, help bricked).

How can I protect myself from all the problems I see others having, or at least recover when I have a problem.

Must Have and must do

Do your homework before anything else!!!

Get adb working on your computer.(so many threads to choose from)

8 gig NT only use threads, help, info, recoveries or anything else that is for 8 gig.


You'll want an sdcard in your NT to store things(cwm backups, things to flash, download apps, etc). I use a 16 gig for this but could use 8 gig or even a 4gig - I use class 4. You should copy the contents of this sdcard to your pc or an external drive so you have a backup how often is your choice.

CWM bootable sdcard 4 gig(minimum) class 4. If you have an 8 gig NT make sure you use cwm for 8 gig. This is your lifeline even if you flash cwm to internal recovery. It is used to store flashable recoveries, etc and provides adb access to save your bacon. Once made boot with it and verify adb works correctly. Once this works make a backup, make a backup, once more make a backup. That doesn't mean three backups just one. I keep a 1.4.0 rooted, a 1.4.2 rooted with gapps, and various roms. Once made you can go to your sdcard - /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/ and rename the backup directory to make sense(do not rename files within the directories). IE 140-reg-root, 2012-08-08-cm7-beta. Now when you wish to restore you have names and dates not just dates with cryptic numbers.

This is an extra but worthwhile if you have the sdcard to spare.

Ubuntu restore by Adam Outler

16 gig NT only (16 gig only is an assumption as it is 1.4.0 and does not mention 8 gig.)

4 gig class 4. When nothing else is working give this a shot. Yes you'll be back to 1.4.0 stock and have to start over but you will say goodbye to your brick and have a working NT.(several have reported failure, not myself) I can say it worked for me and was a life saver.

Do not plan on making the cwm bootable sdcard or getting adb to work after you are in trouble because when they fail you don't know if they fail because of something about your NT or some problem with your setup. Do these two things in the beginning and verify they work(adb & make a backup).

My advice if you can't afford or can't make second sdcard is leave your NT alone and use it as is until you can make this card and test it(adb&backup) otherwise you probably will regret it later. When you are under pressure because your NT is dead leads to mistakes and more problems.

How to get help and use the help you get.

Learn to use the search engine.(this is a must)

I searched for cwm bootloop and I don't find my problem.

Try cwm boot loop, or cwm boot, or cwm reboot, etc. You get the idea.

Nook Tablet Q&A (questions and answers) means exactly that. Unless there is a thread for your problem then Q&A is for you. Example most roms have a thread to post your questions some other threads do as well otherwise Q&A.

First you are not under any obligation to do anything to your NT you don't feel is correct. On the other hand remember you asked for help and the person or persons responding are doing their best to help with your problem. We have differing opinions and methods. You can ask questions but don't argue or tell the person they are wrong, etc. If you wish say you have tried that ok but also give the proper info as to what happened not just it didn't work. Your question should include the type of NT (16 gig – 8 gig) what rom you were using, flashing, stock 1.4.0, what internal recovery(stock, cwm, twrp) etc as well as what happened or what you did just before this problem arose.

When trying something you have been told after asking for help pay attention and log your results. If you come back and say it didn't work you are not helping yourself or the person trying to help fix your NT. What happened, what is different than before, what was the error on the screen, etc. Also it is best before you try other things to report back with results because some problems require multiple steps in proper order to correct a problem and if you try one thing and do something else before reporting back you may have changed what to do now and caused more work and trouble for yourself and the person helping.

People helping are either familiar with the thread you used when your problem began or they go to the thread and look at what is involved including downloading the files and unzipping to see what is involved, looking at the scripts, batch files, flashing the rom to their NT, etc. Clicking thanks is a small price to pay for the effort spent to try to give you a proper answer and save your bacon and should be considered mandatory not an option. Thanks cost you nothing but are payment for helping and in some cases just trying to help even if the end result is less than you had hoped.

I'll leave you with one last thought. This is important!!! You are here to learn and help others learn or you are in the wrong forum, things will begin to creep into your brain if you stay. You're looking for answers to your problem and boom you know the answer to someones problem because you have been there and done that. In the beginning learning is all you can and should do. Later you will be able to share your experiences and study to help others in whatever way is best for you. You may become a dev of roms, create apps, help others with their problems, etc. Once more you are here to learn and later help others to learn so get busy reading the posts searching both xda and the internet and preparing yourself for an enjoyable and rewarding trip.

Good Luck!


Note: If you hang around you will learn even though you may not wish to learn anything. It just happens as you read and post.

Note: Want to flash a new rom? Wait a few days and read the posts to determine if you think this is something you are willing to place your faith in or not. You are always taking chances with any change you make so weigh it carefully and read posted problems if any before deciding. Take your time and your NT will serve you much better than being used as a paperweight.

Good Luck on your xda journey!

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