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SHV-E160L Korean model

AT&T Galaxy Note I717 General - xda-developers -
Hi All

As i mentioned on this thread i will be attempting to come up with a home grown debrick solution for a SHV-E160L samsung note from korea. I will use the forum to document what i am doing, i am very new to this so correct me please if i am wrong. I have never done Android dev work at any time but i have a very good understanding of the logic behind it all. ` Things i Have :- Phone ( SHV-E160L) bus pirate v3 with jtag firmware openocd compiled on ubuntu and centos 6 smd jtag adapter and relay wire ( magnetic wire) things i still need :- openocd target config file for APQ8060 Snapdragon cpu (and a better understanding of eMMC access, how to load boot loaders either into ram or eMMC or trigger fail over boot to sc-card, USB via software or X0M/Boot pins) assembled jtag (it's the smallest soldering i've ever seen) .PIT file for 32GB model (if someone could pull the .PIT file from a working unit I would be happy, specify your radio/kernel versions when uploading) micro fine solder iron tip and 20w iron (i've got 60w but too high for this type of work) Does anyone have a idea of the SD-CARD partition layout, files for snapdragon devices, google has given me much for other devices but not a snapdragon . Another question, I've used the USB jig to trigger 301K mode USB-Factory and seen no activity in dmesg for usb devices, i've yet to try windows, does windows/linux behave in a different way when it comes to usb , as in windows see's the qualcom usb mode but not linux ? does the usb client device always start the comms? using the 615K usb jig i get nothing too, no pbl message from samsung (hence i am led to think is's the pbl/sbl thats damaged) My understanding up boot is as follows iROM code This loads basic settings to boot the PBL (iROM is in rom) the PBL is loaded into radio cpu and then loads the SBL(s) PBL/SBL stored in eMMC at address ????? (need to document the address for the masked access to eMMC and jtag/openocd access unmasked access) Once the SBL is loaded you with have the ODIN mode (USB/UART) from what i can see of commercial JTAG boxes is the access the radio cpu via jtag, write a new PBL/SBL to the eMMC then halt/reset cpu which now loads the new bootloaders, (resurrect dead body) The openocd TAP id for the cpu should be 0x105310E1 but thats a number i got from a riff box log, not any actual testing ( still need to solder the fine pitch connector) Here is a log from a riff box, not sure if the address's are usable accross to opencd Taken from gsm-forums Open serial port...OK Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK Firmware Version: 1.33, JTAG Manager Version: 1.44 Selected Resurrector: [Samsung E160K V1.0.4535.7001

Connecting to the dead body...OK

Detected dead body ID: 0x105310E1 - IGNORED!

Set I/O Voltage reads as 1.79V, TCK Frequency is RTCK

Adaptive Clocking RTCK Sampling is: [Sample at MAX]

Resurrection sequence started.

Establish communication with the phone...OK

Initializing internal hardware configuration...OK

Uploading resurrector data into memory...OK

Starting communication with resurrector...OK

Detected an Initialized FLASH1 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0000 (KTS00M, 0x0003AB400000 Bytes = 14.68 GB)

Detected an Initialized FLASH2 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0000 (KTS00M, 0x000000200000 Bytes = 2.00 MB)

Flashing the dead body...OK

Resurrection complete!

I did notice one thing, the riff box opens the serial port, i wonder if they load PBL+SBL into memory, reset the cpu, then using the serial connection activate download mode ? (like on the captive)

I also dont know how the cpu (jtag TAP id? ) and flash variables translate accross to openocd as ive not found a target config file yet ( or my searching is wrong)

in the full stock Firmware I was able to extract the .tar file which contained,

amss.bin <-- application cpu boot files ?

boot.img <-- kernel/initrd ramdrive

mdm.bin <-- modem cpu boot files

recovery.img <--- recovery image

system.img.ext4 <---- rest of the system applications

so i think we have the two cpu firmware/boot loaders in the .bin files, these bin files are just fat32 images, to access in ubuntu use

mount -o loop mdm.bin /mnt/mdmmountlocation

My guess is my first approach is getting the right PBL/SBL into the system and getting some feed back via uart, i have the jtag pinouts and further reserach says there is a UART2 on the jtag header, so when soldering up my jtag adapter i will include all pins if i can and sniff for serial logic, i happen to have a Open source logic sniffer, great tool as i do a lot of hacking into serial devices like scales and till printers .

back to topic.

When i do get to the jtag part at a minimum i should have access to the modem radio, afaik jtag devices connect in chains and most of the IC's that have jtag on the phones board all should link to the master device (i am thinking it's the modem cpu, no application) and that the Two cpu's share the eMMC memory some how, or it could be one cpu loads it into the other (it is connected via jtag down the chain) .

hopefully someone could correct me there.

Most of this is theory and my guess work, correct me if you find a mistake. most of the research is only over a few days too so i am far from finished there, does not help that most of the users speak a language that google translate just does not have a flair for.

Most of the info seems to suggest the modem cpu is the first inline so i decided to look further into the files there, notice the mdm.bin file is 23Mb, thats large, when mounted i notice the is a folder called 'image' ( amms.bin has folder called IMAGE , note the case difference, dont yet know whay)

in image folder we have :-

1.3M Sep 30 13:07 AMSS.MBN

35K Sep 30 13:07 DBL.MBN

2.2M Sep 30 13:07 DSP1.MBN

19M Sep 30 13:07 DSP2.MBN

40 Sep 30 13:07 EFS1.MBN

40 Sep 30 13:07 EFS2.MBN

40 Sep 30 13:07 EFS3.MBN

295K Sep 30 13:07 OSBL.MBN

Ah, i see amss.mbm , that must be the boot loader for the application cpu, DBL.MBM seems to be the PBL , OSBL.MBM could be the SBL

then there is the DSP/EFS files, I did do the command strings on all the files,

DBL.MBM does not have any text in the file that points to being able to do UART on boot, all text seems internal like pointers and references to the original build files e.g

D:\Q1LGT_MDM\MDM9600\modem_proc\core\boot\secboot2 \dbl\target\mdm9x00\src\dbl_ddr.c


D:\Q1LGT_MDM\MDM9600\modem_proc\core\boot\secboot2 \dbl\target\mdm9x00\src\dbl_sahara.c

but it also does contain data like this







@DBL, Start


so it looks more likley that dbl is first in the chain, it refers to loading osbl and configure hardware, i wonder if it means USB/UART at this stage or setting up ram and other GPIO's

in OSBL.MBM we have more interesting text


Unable to attached to ChipInfo DAL



Flash: Failed to do initialization for probe!



Flash: Multi 2X page read not supported!

Flash: Multi 2X page write not supported!





OSBL, Start







OSBL, Delta








so it is looking more and more like DBL then SBL which then loads all of the other parts , also if you notice EFS1/2/3 are all tiny 40byte files, now i see why, they are loaded as ram-drives, so i assume those file set out the basic EFS file system in the ram.

again from research the boot stages are often counted as 3, i am assuming the real first part is in rom of the cpu (is this what triggers the qualcom download mode ) that loads DBL from eMMC and chain loads SBL

Now looking around the riff forums i see the list the info in a different way

Partition 0



Partition 1






TZ i think is Trusted Zone

RPM - Power manager ?

now how this translates to file name from full flash and to blk0p1 partitions i have yet to find out, i still dont have a .PIT file from a 32gb model

More updates to come,



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