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When is it time to stop investing in a closed platform?

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Im Max, and yes, i am a noobie,but im lurking this forum since the very first iphone.

Im just not a forum guy... English = not first language, so please bear my mistakes.

I´m experiencing a lot of hate towards the iphone here on mr, and i never got why thats the case because I always were a fan of apple and thought the iphone is just the non plus ultra when it comes to smartphones. Actually, I never had a reason to complain because eveything worked how it should.

But, even though i dont care enough about phones that i would partake in any kind of fangirl-blabla, I also never considered anything other than apple and iOS.

As I told you I'm not a forum guy (no social media either), but, as how people are, they only voice themself if somthing bothers them. Im guilty, I know.

In private, I always were raving about how fluid and polished iOS and the iphone in genereal is, compared to android or windows phone and in the past, it was totally true.

You couldnt get a better smartphone than the 5s. First i wasn't convined at the unibody design and that you couldnt replace akku, but in the end, unibody smartphones are the prettiest.

But as of late, since i upgraded to the seven (iOS 11), im pretty disapointed to be honest. I mean, there really are enough discussions here about bugs and glitches on iOS 11, and personally, I experience everyone of them.

I wouldnt have registered if I wouldnt feel that this is a huge problem for me. Also, since I'm experiencing soooo much GUI glitches , I'm remembering that this isn't new. It started with iOS7, but I just ignored it and thought that I can deal with it, since there isn't any serious competition.

I got a new gf as of late and her family is all android and windows and stuff. I dont know her family that much yet, but she has a huawei 9P and a 1400€ HP Windows Laptop (you can play literally every game on it) and a Samsung Tablet. Im using her phone quite a lot because i was intersted and never had the chance to REALLY try out a android phone longer than a few minutes and.... yes. I admit it:

The way android handles multitasking, notifications, control panel and customization is mindbogeling (in a positiv way) compared to the latest version of iphones. There are zero guis glitches and since I'm just using some core apps, I also don't have to deal with viruses and such...

My argument FOR the iphone always was the integration to apples laptops and, if you own one, smartwatches and such. But in the past weeks i learned that there is an alternative to everything.

Every google product already had a "kind of" handoff, because you always can switch the work on the very same project on pc and smartphone (docs, sheets, etc), because its just one cloud-thingy. Also, she gets every notification on her pc and her Samsung tablet. I dont know if its already baked in into android, or if you have to rely on 3rd party software, but she uses pushbullet for that service since years. I always thought thats an iphone-only thing.

And now, I just dont know what to do. I kind of regret that i didnt used other platforms in the past, since I'm also using windows, mac and linux, but I had such bad experiences with past Samsung phones that I couldnt take android seriously.

Now I'm looking at my high priced Iphone and have the same glitches I made fun of years ago about android. But, since phones arent that important to me, how could I know that Samsung ?Android per se.

My question to the community:

I invested heavily in the apple eco-system. I have a huuuge ammount of music and films I purchased from itunes and a huuuge ammount of apps in the appstore. So I kinda really dont want to leave that eco system, but I'm really starting to get envious of the way (some) android phones handle basic tasks and I'm thinking to switch.

I mean, I still have Itunes on my mac, I get notifications to my mac via Pushbullet, I get a usable and accesable file system, i get a headphone jack...etc.

Since I really dont follow every rumor and news: Can you tell me wich way apple is going? I plan to upgrade next year, but I'm not sure if thats the right thing.

Do you see apple implementing features like "default app" or making the controlpanel and notification centre more useful next year?

I mean, there actually is text outside the bubbles. It just feels...alpha?

Android doesn't do that kind of things nowadays, even if its hard to believe.

And if not, do you think apple is planning something like that in at least two or three years.

Because if that isn't the case, i HAVE to stop investing in such an expensive eco-system.

With apple, I even have to purchase apps twice, one for iphone, one for ipad.


So, do you think its time to say goodbye, before its to late, or do you think apple fixes it?

Im kinda afraid of tossing thousands of 'money' away to a platform i might not use anymore in a few month or years?!

What also itchs me is: I can play bucking old nes, snes and ps games on her phone. You can attach keyboard, mouse and controller. If you connect it to a tv, its such an enternaintemt system 0_o

Thanks for reading.

PS: I like this few capital letters ^^


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